The Worthington Springs is generally located in the Union County. This place became popular because of its medicinal spring water, picnic and swimming facilities. It was named after Sam Worthington who lived in this place in the mid 1800’s prior to the Indian wars. The medicinal spring water was owned by Tommy Jones married with Jane Worthington, Wm. Lastinger, James H. Cason II, I.F. Lamb, Captain Green Hogdes, and many more.

Throughout the years, Worthington covers numerous large homes. As a matter of fact, people from other countries prefer to live in this spring because of its outstanding sceneries, healthful drinking water and cooling waters at the pool. In the past, a certain wall divided the pool into two parts – the first side for women and the other side for men. The main purpose of this is to secure the reputation of individuals and to fully prevent from scandalous talk.

Swimming was also firmly segregated. As to the policy, men need to swim within a limited hours and women could swim depending on their appointed hours. The bonnet of women normally hung at the high pole while swimming at the pool or spring. The main purpose of this is to secure every woman from immoral men. If women place their bonnet at the highest pole, men would never identify that they are swimming.

Last 1906, the spring was bought by the Lamb Family. They built a wide concrete pool having a deep part and with shallow area for wadding. For more than a few years, the springs closed down to flow and famous activities decline.

In 1908, the wooden, iron bridge was established all over the Santa Fe River and the current concrete bridge was put up last 1937. In the past, the yearly occasion was celebrated every July 4 when numerous individuals would congregate at the famous springs for swimming, picnic, basic visiting or politics. During the said celebration, the buggy and horse would be snagged in every tree all throughout the small community. In addition, the historic train would run coming from Jacksonville to carry people for this yearly event.

Worthington Springs was also integrated in 1961. This was extremely imperative to the people in the small community. As an effect of this integration, installation of street lights are observed, perfect park and playground were also used by several commoners. Last 1975, the lovely and appealing Community Center was also established. This center mainly serves as an asset of the village. It mainly acts as their City Hall and use for particular occasions and other events.

Aside from its recreational places, Worthington Springs also covers 16 colleges. The typical examples of these are the Edward Waters College, Saint Leo College, Flagler College, Jacksonville College and a lot more. Some of these institutional colleges are public and private non-profit colleges. With these educational centers and establishments, most people enter in this institution for additional learning and training. These are some of the history and background information on how Worthington Springs established and well-known.

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